Sometimes I am astounded at the depth of people's ignorance. I don't know if they are afraid of computers or just dumb. Most things on the web are self-explanitory if you just bother to read them.

This guy just asked me to come over and help him. He was looking at a job website that required an account to access it. The boxes said "email address" and "password."

He was like, "what do I do? just type a word in the password box?"

I pointed to the line below the box that said "new users sign up here" and read it out loud.

He still didn't get it. "So I just type a word in the box?"

"No, you click the 'sign up here' and give them the information they want."

A few minutes later he called me back again. He was looking at the screen that asked for 1.) email address, 2.) password, and 3.) zip code.

He was still hung up on the password. "so I just pick any word and type it in the box?" He had already done this apparently and recieved and error message because he didn't fill in the other 2 fields.

"You have to put in your email address too."

"Oh I don't have one. What do I do?"

"I don't know what to tell you. Make up one, I guess."

Sheesh. No wonder you don't have a job. Read the frickin directions.

Or how about the people who don't understand why ***** shows up instead of their password!
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