My cousin wrote me the other day and said some interesting stuff. I thought I would copy it here, since it is in keeping with the theme of this journal.

From laura_licious:
I was grinning as I read your blog about insane people. I had a bout with insane people the other day as I stood in the self-checkout line at Walmart. This line gives you the semblance of controlling one's own destiny and consequently comfort at the assurance that you will get through the line in a timely manner because "I am in control."

Unfortunately the hopes of determining my own self-desting at Walmart were dashed as I realized that the line for self-checkout was only as quick as the dumbest person in front of me. As I creeped to the front of the line, my hopes rose as I realized I would soon be able to quickly check out. As I began to swipe my items, I reached the unswipeable swipe. As I stood there frustrated ... swiping and re-swiping the same item ... I suddenly realized, "I was the dumb one at the front of the line slowing down all others in pursuit of hapiness."

Humility is humiliating.


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